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2015-11-12 Developer / Project Head: Pavel Rychlý
Home Open-source corpus management system 2.33.1-open-2.130.6-open-3.80.5 (finlib/manatee/bonito) 12 Nov 2015 Work web-based (also on localhost) open source License: GNU GPLv2+ Other free Programming Language(s): Python, C++, Perl Key features: SERVER INSTALLATION, MANAGE YOUR OWN CORPORA Website: NoSketchEngine (bonito, manatee, finlib, open-susanne-corpus) Website: KonText Repository (alternative front end maintained by Czech National Corpus) Website: SketchEngine (commercial version)


NoSketch Engine

Welcome to NoSketch Engine, an open-source project combining Manatee and Bonito into a powerful and free corpus management system. NoSketch Engine is a limited version of the software empowering the famous Sketch Engine service, a commercial variant offering word sketches, thesaurus, keyword computation, user-friendly corpus creation and many other excellent features.


Manatee is a corpus management tool including corpus building and indexing, fast querying and providing basic statistical measures. It utilitates a fast indexing library called Finlib.


Bonito is a graphical user interface to corpora mantained by Manatee. It is available as a standalone graphical application in Tcl/Tk (version Bonito1, not developed/supported anymore) and web interface in Python (version Bonito2, under constant development).

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