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2015-09-02 Developer / Project Head: Matthias Hüning
Home Simple concordancing program for monolingual corpora Binary: 2.9c, Source: 3.0 (beta) 20 Feb 2014 / 2 Sep 2015 Work Win/Linux/OSX open source License: MIT Other free Programming Language(s): Python (GUI: Tk) Key features: KWIC, SORTING, WORD LISTS, ADD ONLINE WEBPAGES TO COPRUS Website: TextSTAT (EN) Website: TextSTAT (DE)


TextSTAT is a simple programme for the analysis of texts. It reads plain text files (in different encodings) and HTML files (directly from the internet) and it produces word frequency lists and concordances from these files. This version includes a web-spider which reads as many pages as you want from a particular website and puts them in a TextSTAT-corpus. The new news-reader, too, puts news messages in a TextSTAT-readable corpus file.


Source: [accessed: 22/12/2013]


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