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2016-01-19 Developer / Project Head: Adam Kilgarriff (†)
Home Advanced Corpus Management System stable: 2.33.2-SkE-2.133.6-3.81.2 beta: 2.33.2-SkE-2.133.6-3.81.6) (finlib/manatee/bonito) 19 Jan 2016 (last version check, under constant development) Work web-based commercial License: commercial Other €58.-/year (Academic single user license, own corpus quota: 1 Mio words) 30-day free trial Programming Language(s): various Key features: WORD SKETCHES, SOPHISTICATED COLLOCATION MEASURES, THESAURUS, PRELOADED BILLION WORD CORPORA FOR MANY LANGUAGES, EASIEST WAY TO CREATE YOUR OWN SYNTACTICALLY ANNOTATED CORPORA Website: SketchEngine (stable) Website: SketchEngine (beta) Website: NoSketchEngine (open source version – reduced functionality)


The Sketch Engine is for anyone wanting to research how words behave. It is a Corpus Query System incorporating word sketches, one-page, automatic, corpus-derived summaries of a word’s grammatical and collocational behaviour.


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