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2016-01-10 Developer / Project Head: Jörg Tiedemann
Home NLP tools for processing (parallel) corpora stable: 0.3.8 source: git-commit 775df4a 16 Mar 2013 / 10 Jan 2016 Work Linux/OSX open source License: GNU GPLv3+ Other free Programming Language(s): Perl Key features: COMPLETE (PARALLEL) CORPUS CREATION PIPELINE Website: Uplug Repository Website: OPUS project page


Uplug – NLP tools for processing (parallel) corpora

Uplug is a collection of tools and scripts for processing text-corpora

Uplug is provided in several packages:

uplug-main main components and scripts
uplug-webalign webinterface for interactive alignment (ICA, ISA)
uplug-xx language-specific tools and models ( = language ID)
uplug-treetagger config files for integrating the TreeTagger
uplug-cwb scripts for indexing and querying parallel corpora with CWB

Source: [accessed: 14/01/2014]


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