AntConc 3.2.4m (2011) on OSX Mavericks (OS X 10.9)

There are two things that you have to bear in mind, when trying to start AntConc 3.2.4m on Mac OS X Mavericks:

(jump to Troubleshooting section if antconc pops up briefely and disappears again)

1) By default, if you try to open the app, it is blocked by OSX Gatekeeper:


  • To be able to start the app, you need to add it as an exception: Go to ‘Apple Icon’ ⇨ ‘System Preferences’ ⇨ ‘Security & Privacy’:

23-01-2014 22-58-40

  • Click on ‘Open Anyway’ (you need to have double-clicked antconc3.2.4m before for this option to appear):

23-01-2014 22-59-02

  • and click on ‘open’ in the following dialogue:

23-01-2014 23-48-38

2) Download, install & run the latest X11:

  • The first time you try to open the app, you’ll see the following message:

23-01-2014 23-51-26

  • You can click on ‘Continue’ or go directly to the download page:
  • Download and open the latest .dmg file
  • Install XQuartz on your system
  • Start X11 (‘Finder’ ⇨ ‘Go’ ⇨ ‘Utilities’ ⇨ ‘XQuartz’)
  • Double-click antconc3.2.4m

24-01-2014 00-07-09


If the antconc3.2.4m icon only pops up briefly in the doc area and disappears again, you forgot to start X11 before starting AntConc:

Open ‘XQuartz’: ‘Finder’ ⇨ ‘Go’ ⇨ ‘Utilities’ ⇨ ‘XQuartz’

24-01-2014 00-09-06

and double-click antconc afterwards. (Go back to Section 2 if ‘XQuartz’ is not present in the ‘Utilities’ folder.)