New release: ParaVoz2


2015-07-02 Developer / Project Head: Ruprecht von Waldenfels
Purpose/Version/Date Simple web interface for querying (cwb-indexed) parallel corpora. git-commit: 98bbe99 2 July 2015 Platform/License Linux/OSX open source License: GNU GPLv2+ Price/Availability free Programming Language(s): PHP, XSLT Key features: ONLINE PARALLEL CONCORDANCER, CQP-QUERY SUPPORT, SIMPLE INTERFACE FOR 2-3 LANGUAGES, SUPPORT FOR SENTENCE- AND WORD-ALIGNMENT, IMPROVED INSTALLATION AND PRE-PROCESSING INSTRUCTIONS Website: (v2) Website: Bitbucket Repository (v2)
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Release announcement:

> Date: Thu, 21 May 2015 14:41:13 +0200
> From: ruprecht.waldenfels _(at)_
> To: cwb _(at)_
> Subject: [CWB] Interface for parallel corpora
> Dear colleagues,
> we would like to let you know that a new version of the ParaVoz corpus
> interface for parallel corpora hosted with CWB has been released.
> ParaVoz 2.0 has a user friendly interface, it features basic metadata
> management and supports word alignment.
> ParaVoz 2.0 extends (but not replaces) Paravoz 1.0; it is open-source
> and found here:
> A demo version is found here:
> Best,
> Ruprecht von Waldenfels
> Michał Woźniak
> Institute of Polish, Polish Academy of Sciences, Cracow
> _______________________________________________
> CWB mailing list
> CWB _(at)_

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