CQPweb tutorial (German)

Noah Bubenhofer's CQPweb Tutorial (German)

Noah Bubenhofer’s CQPweb Tutorial (German)

Linkt to Noah Bubenhofer’s CQPweb Tutorial (German)


2016-04-05 Developer / Project Head: Andrew Hardie
Home web interface to cwb stable: 3.0.16 dev: 3.2.1[r816] 26 Dec 2013 / 5 Apr 2016 Work web-based (also on localhost) open source License: GNU GPLv2+ Other free Programming Language(s): php, mysql, Perl Key features: SERVER INSTALLATION, MANAGE YOUR OWN CORPORA, WEB INTERFACE, CQP QUERIES Website: CQPweb project page Website: CQPWeb SVN Repository Website: UCREL Lancaster Corpus Server (free access to a lot of corpus resources after registration, including the extended Brown-family of corpora) Website: CQPweb at Beijing Foreign Studies University – Large Number of publicly accessible corpora (username: test, password: test) Website: CQPweb Video Tutorials Website: CQPwebInABox Video Tutorials
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