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InterText Server

2016-03-23 Developer / Project Head: Pavel Vondřička
Home Server version of parallel text alignment editor. 2.2 / 2.2.1 (dev) 14 Nov 2014 / 23 Mar 2016 Work Win/Linux/OSX freeware License: GNU GPLv3+ Other free Programming Language(s): php, mysql, C++ binaries Key features: SERVER VERSION, PARALLEL TEXT EDITOR, OPTIONAL ALIGNER INTEGRATION Website: InterText (EN) Website: GitHub Repo Website: Pavel Vondřička\’s Homepage (EN)


InterText is an editor for aligned parallel texts. It has been developed for the project InterCorp to edit and manage alignments of multiple parallel language versions of texts at the level of sentences, but it is designed with flexibility in mind and supports custom XML documents and Unicode character set.

There are two different editions of InterText: InterText server and InterText editor.


Source: http://wanthalf.saga.cz/intertext [accessed: 30/12/2013]