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2016-04-10 Developer / Project Head: Thomas Machalek
Home Open-source web-interface to corpus management system manatee (bonito fork with support for parallel corpora) 0.7.x 10 Apr 2016 Work web-based (also on localhost) open source License: GNU GPLv2+ Other free IMPORTANT NOTICE: official NoSketchEngine of manatee 2.59.X / 2.107.1 are NOT SUPPORTED but a compatible fork is provided on github (see link below) Programming Language(s): Python Key features: SERVER INSTALLATION, SUPPORT FOR PARALLEL CORPORA Website: KonText Website: KonText Repository (bonito fork maintained by Czech National Corpus) Website: NEW (May 2015):KonText compatible fork of manatee


This program started as a fork of the Bonito 2.68 web interface to the corpus management tool Manatee (http://nlp.fi.muni.cz/trac/noske). It is maintained by the Institute of the Czech National Corpus. Current version contains all the key features of the Bonito 2.98.3 (primarily a support for parallel corpora).

Source: http://bitbucket.org/ucnk/kontext/overview [accessed: 23/12/2013]