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New Release: NoSketchEngine

The SketchEngine development team has just released a new open-source version of their tools (bonito, manatee, finlibDownload-Links), including the following highlights:

  • extended support for parallel corpora
  • support for virtual corpora
  • asynchronous query processing showing partial results as they are computed
  • corpus info page providing an overall overview of the corpus stats
  • lots of smaller enhancements in the functionality and usability of the user interface
  • lots of speed enhancements, both for run time (query evaluation) and compile time (corpus indexing)
  • lots of bugfixes

Source: [accessed: 13/06/2014]


Class-room friendly collocations dictionary:

[Last update: 03/06/2015] (superseded by SkELLSketch Engine for Language Learning)

12-03-2014 14-55-48


12-03-2014 14-56-42


  • Kilgarriff, A. (2014, March). “Corpora in the classroom without scaring the students.” British Council – EnglishAgenda Seminar. Retrieved from [Adam’s talk starts at 1:09:35]
  • Adam Kilgarriff, Miloš Husák, Katy McAdam, Michael Rundell, Pavel Rychlý (2008). “GDEX: Automatically Finding Good Dictionary Examples in a Corpus.” In Elisenda Bernal, Janet DeCesaris (Ed.), Proceedings of the 13th EURALEX International Congress (pp. 425–432). Barcelona, Spain: Institut Universitari de Linguistica Aplicada, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Retrieved from EURALEX 2008


TurnKey virtual appliances

“Turnkey Linux is a virtual appliance library that integrates and polishes the very best open source software into ready to use solutions.”

Excellent base system for CQPweb, ParaVozAntWebCorpusFramework, NoSketchEngine, etc.

Source: [accessed: 03/03/2014]

  • LAMP Stack Virtual Appliance (~220MB, linux base system [Debian7], admin through convenient web-gui, accessible from any (local) machine within minutes)



2023-06-01 Developer / Project Head: Thomas Machalek
Purpose/Version/Date Open-source web-interface to corpus management system manatee (bonito fork with support for parallel corpora) 0.17.2 1 June 2023 Platform/License web-based (also on localhost) open source License: GNU GPLv2+ Price/Availability free IMPORTANT NOTICE: official NoSketchEngine of manatee 2.59.X / 2.107.1 are NOT SUPPORTED but a compatible fork is provided on github (see link below) Programming Language(s): Python Key features: SERVER INSTALLATION, SUPPORT FOR PARALLEL CORPORA Website: KonText Website: KonText Repository (bonito fork maintained by Czech National Corpus) Website: KonText compatible fork of manatee / bonito / gdex / crystal-open
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2023-04-17 Developer / Project Head: Pavel Rychlý
Purpose/Version/Date Open-source corpus management system 2.223.6-open-5.63.9-open-4.12-2.142 (manatee/bonito/gdex/crystal) 17 Apr 2023 Platform/License web-based (also on localhost) open source License: GNU GPLv2+ Price/Availability free Programming Language(s): Python, C++, Perl Key features: SERVER INSTALLATION, MANAGE YOUR OWN CORPORA Website: NoSketchEngine (bonito, manatee, gdex, crystal, open-susanne-corpus) Website: KonText Repository (alternative front end maintained by Czech National Corpus) Website: SketchEngine (commercial version)
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2023-08-04 Developer / Project Head: Adam Kilgarriff (†)
Purpose/Version/Date Advanced Corpus Management System stable: 2.36.5-SkE-2.151.6-3.99.3 / beta: 2.36.7-SkE-2.152.1-3.101(finlib/manatee/bonito) 4 Aug 2023 (last version check, under constant development) Platform/License web-based commercial License: commercial Price/Availability €78.-/year (Academic single user license, own corpus quota: 1 Mio words) 30-day free trial Programming Language(s): various Key features: WORD SKETCHES, SOPHISTICATED COLLOCATION MEASURES, THESAURUS, PRELOADED BILLION WORD CORPORA FOR MANY LANGUAGES, EASIEST WAY TO CREATE YOUR OWN SYNTACTICALLY ANNOTATED CORPORA Website: SketchEngine (stable) Website: SketchEngine (beta) Website: NoSketchEngine (open source version – reduced functionality)
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