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Extremely promising new Python NLP tool: spaCy (commercial open-source software):

Unfortunately, it is only able to deal with English input at the moment and installation on Windows seems to be tricky. The project is currently under intense development and it will be interesting to check the following links on a regular basis:

Link to github project

Link to documentation

License: AGPLv3 (free for open-source projects), changed to MIT License (27 Sep 2015)

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Source: http://spacy.io/index.html#detailed-speed-comparison [accessed: 24/07/2015]

Running TextSTAT on Linux

Tested on: Xubuntu 12.04 LTS (64-bit), using default python interpreter (v2.7.3)

[Last update: 04/03/2014]

  • Install/check for TextSTAT dependencies:
  1. sudo apt-get install python-tk
  • Download latest release (check here for latest version number) and run TextSTAT:
  1. mkdir TextSTAT
    cd TextSTAT
    wget http://neon.niederlandistik.fu-berlin.de/static/textstat/TextSTAT-2.9c-source.zip
    unzip TextSTAT-2.9c-source.zip
    chmod +x TextSTAT.pyw
  • Download icon and create desktop shortcut (copy-paste [Desktop Entry] into a new file called TextSTAT.desktop on your Desktop, don’t forget to adapt the full path to TextSTAT.pyw and textstat_logo.gif):
  1. wget http://neon.niederlandistik.fu-berlin.de/static/textstat/textstat_logo.gif
  1. [Desktop Entry]
    Name=TextSTAT 2.9c
    Comment=Concordancing Program written in Python