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2014-01-01 Developer / Project Head: Terminotix Inc.
Purpose/Version/Date Web-based bitext alignment. n/a n/a Platform/License web-based free (up to 5 bitext alignments a day) License: not specified Price/Availability free service (advertising for commercial software suite) Programming Language(s): Perl Key features: SUPPORT FOR A MULTITUDE OF LANGUAGES AND INPUT FORMATS, TMX GENERATION, HTML DOWNLOAD, VERY FAST, EASY TO USE, LIMITED TO 5 BITEXTS A DAY, ALIGNFACTORY Website: YouAlign


With YouAlign you can quickly and easily create bitexts from your archived documents. A YouAlign bitext contains a document and its translation aligned at the sentence level. YouAlign generates TMX files that can be loaded into your translation memory. YouAlign can also generate HTML files that you can publish on the Internet, or use with a full-text search engine to search for terminology and phraseology in context.

YouAlign is powered by the AlignFactory engine, which supports all kinds of formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, XML, Corel WordPerfect, RTF, Lotus WordPro and plain text.


Source: http://www.youalign.com/ [accessed: 11/10/2014]