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2015-05-21 Developer / Project Head: Ruprecht von Waldenfels
Purpose/Version/Date Simple web interface for querying (cwb-indexed) parallel corpora. git-commit: e985236 21 May 2015 Platform/License Linux/OSX open source License: GNU GPLv2+ Price/Availability free Programming Language(s): PHP, XSLT Key features: ONLINE PARALLEL CONCORDANCER, CQP-QUERY SUPPORT, OPTIMIZED FOR MULTILINGUAL CONCORDANCES IN 3+ LANGUAGES Website: http://parasolcorpus.org (v1) Website: Bitbucket Repository (v1) Website: Short Demo Clip (v1)


The package provides a simple, yet effective interface for a parallel corpus
using OpenCWB (http://cwb.sourceforge.net). It should work on any linux machine
with only minimal changes in the INI files to reflect paths, and possibly
adjustments concerning language codes. All settings are found in the settings

See the movie on the ParaSol website (http://parasolcorpus.org ) for ParaVoz in
motion: http://parasolcorpus.org/ParaSol_demo.mp4


This web interface to CWB was initially written by Roland Meyer for use with the
ParaSol corpus (then Regensburg Parallel Corpus) in 2006 and has since been in
development by its three authors. The java script based functionality was mainly
added by Andreas Zeman, XSLT-support in the new modular interface mainly by
Ruprecht von Waldenfels, who has supervised the publication as open source. Part
of the architecture is described in Waldenfels (2011). We thank the Center for
the Study of Language and Society, University of Berne, (http://www.csls.unibe.ch)
for granting financial support enabling the publication of ParaVoz as open source.

Source: https://bitbucket.org/rvwfels/paravoz [accessed: 26/03/2014]


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  • Roland Meyer, Ruprecht von Waldenfels, Andreas Zeman (2006-2014): ParaVoz –
    a simple web interface for querying parallel corpora. Bern, Regensburg, Berlin.


  • Ruprecht von Waldenfels (2011): Recent Developments in ParaSol: Breadth for Depth and XSLT based web concordancing with CWB. In: Daniela Majchráková and Radovan Garabík (eds.): Natural Language Processing, Multilinguality. Proceedings of Slovko 2011, Bratislava: Tribun, 156-162. Available online.