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CQPwebInABox running on VMware Player

CQPwebInABox running on VMware Player

Excellent news! A couple of days ago, Andrew Hardie released a virtual machine with a preconfigured version of CQPweb installed:

> From: a.hardie(*at*)
> To: cwb(*at*)
> Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2015 05:20:33 +0000
> Subject: [CWB] Announcing CQPwebInABox
> Hi everybody,
> This is just a quick note to announce the availability of CQPwebInABox
> – a virtual machine image containing a pre-installed copy of CQPweb.
> This is designed to get beginners past the hump of having to install
> all the different components.
> The image (1.6GB) can be downloaded here:
> To run it, you will need to install VirtualBox (although I believe
> other virtualisation tools can also use the same file format, I haven’t
> yet tested this).
> You can get VirtualBox here:
> Then “import appliance” from the .ova download.
> The virtual machine runs Linux – however, I have set it up in such a
> way as to make the interface as similar to Windows as possible. So
> don’t fear the Linux!
> I will create some video tutorials & put them on YouTube as soon as I can.
> Feedback welcome.
> best
> Andrew.


2016-04-05 Developer / Project Head: Andrew Hardie
Purpose/Version/Date web interface to cwb stable: 3.0.16 dev: 3.2.1[r816] 26 Dec 2013 / 5 Apr 2016 Platform/License web-based (also on localhost) open source License: GNU GPLv2+ Price/Availability free Programming Language(s): php, mysql, Perl Key features: SERVER INSTALLATION, MANAGE YOUR OWN CORPORA, WEB INTERFACE, CQP QUERIES Website: CQPweb project page Website: CQPWeb SVN Repository Website: UCREL Lancaster Corpus Server (free access to a lot of corpus resources after registration, including the extended Brown-family of corpora) Website: CQPweb at Beijing Foreign Studies University – Large Number of publicly accessible corpora (username: test, password: test) Website: CQPweb Video Tutorials Website: CQPwebInABox Video Tutorials
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VIEW (Visual Input Enhancement of the Web):

Instant colourization of grammar structures, instant learning activities from any page on the web. Supported languages: English, German, Spanish.

VIEW Toolbar

VIEW Toolbar – Firefox Add-on (Screenshot taken on Linux Mint 64-bit, extension is available on all major operating systems (Windows/Mac OSX/Linux)

Colourised prepositions in a Guardian Article published two hours ago ...

Colourized prepositions in a Guardian Article published two hours ago … (2 clicks and 10 seconds away)!

... multiple choice exercise on prepositions in the same article (2 clicks and 10 seconds away)!

… multiple-choice exercise on prepositions in the same article (2 clicks and 10 seconds away)!



New Release: NoSketchEngine

The SketchEngine development team has just released a new open-source version of their tools (bonito, manatee, finlibDownload-Links), including the following highlights:

  • extended support for parallel corpora
  • support for virtual corpora
  • asynchronous query processing showing partial results as they are computed
  • corpus info page providing an overall overview of the corpus stats
  • lots of smaller enhancements in the functionality and usability of the user interface
  • lots of speed enhancements, both for run time (query evaluation) and compile time (corpus indexing)
  • lots of bugfixes

Source: [accessed: 13/06/2014]



2015-05-21 Developer / Project Head: Ruprecht von Waldenfels
Purpose/Version/Date Simple web interface for querying (cwb-indexed) parallel corpora. git-commit: e985236 21 May 2015 Platform/License Linux/OSX open source License: GNU GPLv2+ Price/Availability free Programming Language(s): PHP, XSLT Key features: ONLINE PARALLEL CONCORDANCER, CQP-QUERY SUPPORT, OPTIMIZED FOR MULTILINGUAL CONCORDANCES IN 3+ LANGUAGES Website: (v1) Website: Bitbucket Repository (v1) Website: Short Demo Clip (v1)
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AntConc on TurnKey Linux Server

If you try to launch AntConc on a Debian-based 64-bit system, you get the following error message (tested with versions 3.2.4u and 3.4.1u):

./antconc3.2.4u: No such file or directory
./AntConc: No such file or directory

The following steps were necessary for me to be able to start AntConc on a TurnKey Linux Server (Debian7, 64-bit) using ssh with X11-forwarding enabled (e.g. PuTTY plus Xming on Windows 8.1).

Important note: Please respect Laurence Anthony’s licensing terms and ask for permission before using AntConc in a server/group environment (see README section ‘LEGAL MATTER’ (p. 11) for details).

1) Activate i386 architecture on 64-bit systems:

apt-get install libc6-i386
dpkg --add-architecture i386

2) Install missing 32-bit libraries:

apt-get install libx11-6:i386 libxss1:i386 libxft2:i386

For Ubuntu-based systems see this post, for other Linux distributions see ongoing discussion on:!forum/antconc


Class-room friendly collocations dictionary:

[Last update: 03/06/2015] (superseded by SkELLSketch Engine for Language Learning)

12-03-2014 14-55-48


12-03-2014 14-56-42


  • Kilgarriff, A. (2014, March). “Corpora in the classroom without scaring the students.” British Council – EnglishAgenda Seminar. Retrieved from [Adam’s talk starts at 1:09:35]
  • Adam Kilgarriff, Miloš Husák, Katy McAdam, Michael Rundell, Pavel Rychlý (2008). “GDEX: Automatically Finding Good Dictionary Examples in a Corpus.” In Elisenda Bernal, Janet DeCesaris (Ed.), Proceedings of the 13th EURALEX International Congress (pp. 425–432). Barcelona, Spain: Institut Universitari de Linguistica Aplicada, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Retrieved from EURALEX 2008